1900, Aug 25 – The death of Nietzsche on August 25, now either marked by celebration or mourning depending on culture

1901, Jan 1 – The Second Fall from Heaven – a massive explosion occurs after assumed celestial object crashes into Earth in central Weimar, destroying the city. The area burns with hitherto unseen energy, keeping authorities out of the premises for days

1901, Jan 12 – The energy disipates, apparently absorbing into the ground. The authorities of the German Empire finds two bodies on the bottom of the Weimar Krater – one is determined to be the body of the late philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, while the other defies anything anyone has seen before

1901, Jan 15 – Authorities are unable to keep people from learning what happened at Weimar. The celestial object and wild energies were already common knowledge, but the press finds out about Nietzsche and the unidentified being that fell with him. Many theories, of what this being is, are presented by media and scientists.

1901, Feb 21 – Mystical energy arises around several universities and places of higher education all over the world, seemingly leaving everyone unharmed. Most places, these areas are closed up for fear of how they may affect the population.

1901, Mar 3 – The Auto-Icon, containing the remains of philosopher Jeremy Bentham, is found empty, the glass broken from the inside. Later that day, a man presenting himself (and looking a lot like) Jeremy Bentham is found on the premises. He says that he is the first to rise amongst the philosophers. Bentham considers it most likely that being preserved was what enabled him to recover first.

1901, Mar 27 – Scientist decide that the unidentified being most probably was omnipotent, capable of everything. This is based on its apparent perfection as a being as well as its ability to channel unlimited amounts of energy. Some claim that this may be the remains of God, but those theories are not always a well received.

1901, Apr 2-18 – Famous dead philosophers all around the world has begun appearing. This has a massive impact on societies – dead people rising have always caused at least som stirring. The philosophers apparently also possess supernatural powers, described by some as magical.

1901, May 4-June 28 – The world order is changing as artist begin showing supernatural powers as well. Students and scholars of philosophy begin showing powers associated with the most prominent philosophers of their schools of thought. Worshippers of ancient religions also begins using power they claim they have received from their gods. Many of them support the theory that God is indeed dead, killed by Friedrich Nietzsche, thereby setting mankind free to rebuild their image. Many of Christian, Jewish and Muslim clergies, however, also starts displaying powers. They claim that although it seem Nietzsche has indeed been able to kill God, such an omnipotent being cannot stay dead. They have been visited by the angels of God and these have been reassuring the clergy of the monotheistic religions that God will rise again putting an end to these new powers achieved by manking. Those who do not stay with the monotheistic churches will be punished when that time comes.

1905 – The world as we know it has changed, relying on the new powers displayed by religious and philosophical people, as well as artist and the like. Scientist have been able to make experiment unlike anything seen before. It is a world of wonders, but in the dark corners of the Earth and in the gaps between this and other realities, ancient and forgotten things have begun to stir.


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